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Online Gambling Hearings Yield Another IGREA Co-Sponsor

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Congressman Earl Blumenauer [OR-3] yesterday signed on to co-sponsor H.R.2046, the Internet Gambling, Regulation, and Enforcement Act (IGREA), which was originally sponsored by House Financial Services Chairman, Barney Frank [MA-4], to become the 41st co-sponsor.

Congressman Blumenauer has a long and distinguished career in politics going back to 1972 where he served his first term in the Oregon House of Representatives. He has been in the U.S. House of Representatives since being elected in 1996.

Cong. Bluemauer currently serves on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, the Budget Committee, and the new Select Committee on Energy Independence and Climate change. He has a strong voice worldwide on issues such as the environment, sustainable development, and economic opportunity.

The congressman has undergraduate and law degrees from Lewis and Clark College in Portland. Please extend your thanks to Congressman Blumenauer at his office in Washington or his local office in Portland, and encourage him to persuade his colleagues to do the same.

Walker County Officials File Suit Over Bingo Gambling Law

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Live Bingo is becoming a game of the past, many people have moved on to play on the internet, and many charities have gone to bingo gaming machines to raise money.

These gaming machines, however, have come under fire by officials in Walker County, Indiana. The officials claim that the games are an illegal form of gambling, and they want the local circuit court to clarify the law for them.

The law suit that these officials have filed asks the court to clarify if electronic bingo halls are operating legally. The suit also asks whether these machines are classified as illegal slot machines, and whether they are authorized under the county’s bingo amendment.

Sheriff John Mark Tirey has said that he stopped issuing permits for charities to use these bingo machines for a period of time, but has since began issuing the permits once again after showing concern about the fairness of not issuing the licenses until a decision is made.

Walker County District Attorney Charles Baker claims that the county has no financial record of any of the charities that have received permits and that is a cause of concern for him.

“This is probably the most unregulated gambling operation in the United States. There is no requirement that anybody submit anything to any governmental agency that I’m aware of”.

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