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Officer Arrested At Gambling Bust in Salt Lake, Utah

Gambling arrests and busts are becoming commonplace around the United States these days. The latest bust continues a tend that has been taking place. Officers being involved in the illegal activity.

Lee Edward Morris has been an officer with the Metro Gang Unit in Salt Lake County. That fact did not stop fellow officers from raiding a card game that Morris was involved with.

Police raided 1063 E. 3300 South, and what they found was all sorts of gambling paraphernalia. They seized chips, tables, surveillance cameras, and chip holders from the location. They also arrested five people, one of which was Morris for running the game, and five more people, who were players.

The players were issued tickets and released. Morris was booked on charges of suspicion of ongoing criminal activity. The other four were also booked on charges similar to Morris’.

The investigation continued even after officers became aware that Morris was involved in the gambling operation. They waited to make the arrests, but those arrests finally came on Thursday night.

The game allegedly was a high stakes card game. Police estimate that on some nights, over $100,000 per night was brought in by the operation. The game was not advertised, and mostly word of mouth was how information of the game was passed out.


Indictments Come Down From Operation High Roller In Atlantic City

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Back in November, several different police agencies arrested twenty people in connection with what authorities called, “Operation High Roller”. Today, the indictments came down in the case.

Jack Buscemi Jr. was charged with conspiracy and money laundering, racketeering, and a third degree charge of promoting gambling. Twenty three other people were also indicted in the case.

The case stems from what authorities believe was a big time sports gambling ring that was being run out of an Atlantic City casino. The Borgata Hotel Casino was the spot, and the operation took place out of a poker room at the casino.

Buscemi is targeted as the boss of the illegal gambling ring. The operation is thought to have brought in over $60 million in bets on various sports events. That was in just a twenty month period.

Gamblers would use the Internet, and would have passwords. Calls were also taken in a wire room in Philadelphia. The ring had several employees of the Borgata that were arrested in the bust. The employees served as agents for the operation.

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