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Battle Heating Up in Massachusetts Over Proposed Casino Licenses


Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick used his pro-gambling stance to help get himself elected. Now, he is trying to have three casinos licensed for gambling, but his plan is receiving heavy opposition.

House Speaker Salvatore Dimasi has been one of the main combatants to Patrick on the issue of expanded gambling. He is doing everything in his power to ensure that Patrick’s proposal is shot down.

The latest attack on the plan came this week, when Dimasi has released an analysis that contradicts the Governor. Patrick claims that the new casinos would generate $400 to $450 million in state revenue. The analysis disputes that claim.

“In reviewing the Governor’s proposal, I believe he overstates the benefits and downplays the costs of bringing casino gambling to the Commonwealth. his figures are high and the projected revenue can not be counted on,” said Representative Daniel E. Bosley, in the analysis.

A hearing is set on March 18th before the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies. The battle over the casino issue has grown to be the significant one that is taking place between politicians in Massachusetts these days.

Patrick’s proposal has been picking up supporters nearly daily. The projected increase in revenue is one that can not be overlooked in these tough economic times.

Job growth is another issue that is pushing Patrick’s proposal. Th three new casinos would bring with them 30,000 construction jobs, according to Patrick.

Judge Upholds Illegal Gambling Shutdown For Slots Use in Alabama

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Charity bingo halls make their money by allowing customers to gamble. The proceeds are then used for various charitable causes. This practice was found to be illegal in Alabama.

The actual practice of having the charity hall bingo parlors is not the illegal part. The machines that several of these halls were using, however, were not legal.

Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Eugene Verin made his decision about these machines on Tuesday. The ruling was that District Attorney Arthur Green, indeed had the right to shut down electronic charity bingo operations in Mulga, Brighton, and Lipscomb.

The machines that were being used had the capabilities of being upgraded to machines that could be used in casinos. That capability made the machines slots, and illegal under Alabama law.

Two groups, the city of Brighton and the VFW, Alabama chapter, had sued and asked for a ruling in court after Green shut down several bingo halls.



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