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Bar In Georgia Raided For Illegal Gambling Activity


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Law enforcement around the US are taking the approach of ‘get em while we can’ as they continue their assault on illegal gambling operations. The latest arrests took place over the weekend in a Gwinnett County bar.

Fourteen people were arrested and charged with various gambling related offenses. Mi Sook Kim was the owner of the establishment and was charged with commercial gambling, gambling, and possessing a gambling device.

The games of choice at this bar apparently were Texas Hold ’em poker and video poker. Both were being played out in the open when authorities walked in and raided Pufferbelly’s Saloon & Eatery on Lawrenceville Highway. Police began investigating the gambling back in January.

With the gambling laws rapidly changing in many states, it appears as though law enforcement officials are doing what they can in their jurisdictions to arrest people for illegal gambling before the laws change.

In recent months, there have been several judges around the country who have ruled poker a game of skill. One judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a case against defendants who were running a poker game.

Although many of these cases are swept under the carpet without convictions, authorities have still made it a priority to continue to crack down on any form of gambling they feel is infringing on the law

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