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Baptist Bill McCollum Needs to Stop Lying About Internet Gambling

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The overwhelming concern from Baptists leaders and other religious groups who are willing to violate any personal and civil freedom in order to protect the very few vulnerable citizens in America need to, at the very least, learn about Internet gambling and stop spreading lies to their followers who know even less about the issue.

In an article in the Florida Baptist Witness, the state attorney general, Bill McCollum, stated his support for the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. He states his reasons for defending the Act, which if true, would be legitimate reasons to enforce the Act. However, his statements are opinions, which he believes are fact, and this is an important distinction that his followers must understand.

This is what many religious groups do, though, they spread opinion and say it with authority and the people believe it as if it is fact. And I am here to say to Mr. McCollum, and others like him, that this has to stop!

McCollum’s editorial states that “cyber casinos cannot accurately check a person’s identification to verify age.”

This is just not true. There are very effective ways of detecting a person’s age via the Internet, otherwise many other industries that thrive on the Internet would not exist. Online stock trading sites, for instance, such as Etrade, must check the age of registrants. If checking the age was not possible, than Etrade, and other such companies, would be facing multi-billion dollar lawsuits.

“Additionally,” McCollum says, “there is no way to ensure that the odds are fair and accurate, and fraud runs rampant through the system. Internet operators often shut down their web sites when too many bettors try to claim their winnings.”

To be blunt… What the heck is he talking about?

In the several years that Casino Gambling Web has been operating not once has there been a complaint of a site who just instantly left the market without the player having the ability to cash in on winnings. Never.

And odds aren’t fair and accurate?

To be blunt… What the heck is he talking about?

Mr. McCollum, maybe you should actually sign up and play at an online casino, because if you do you may find the truth, and not just what you believe to be true.

What is the truth? I’m glad you asked…

The truth is that the odds at online casinos are 10% better, that’s right, 10% better, than the odds you will find at any Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Indian Casino.

Also, the odds and fairness of online casino games are monitored by regulatory systems all across the world. There are drastic penalties for sites that do not meet high quality standards.

McCollum goes on to state more lies in his Baptist piece, “This law (the UIGEA) has effectively prevented illicit gambling operators from doing business in Florida and has helped reduce the dangers of convenience gambling.”

How does he know this? What statistical data is he looking at? The reality is that there are MORE illicit gambling sites available online post-UIGEA, and legitimate, well maintained sites that treat users fairly have left the market.

So, Mr. McCollum, why don’t you stop telling lies to the vulnerable people who believe you, because your lies, and others like you who rely on lies to garner support, are causing more harm to this country than any online gambling site could possibly do.

Editorial by Gordon Price, Casino Gambling Web, Senior Gaming Analyst

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