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Backgammon for mannequins

If you think backgammon is just another board game, then you are wrong. It is in fact a board game, the basics and rules of the games are easy to learn. However, the strategies involved in winning in this board game are very complex which makes it all the more a game of excitement. What should a player the game learn first in order to play backgammon?

Well, the first, one should know that this game game takes only a short time to be finished. Because of this, gambling players play backgammon in matches, which means in a match, there will be several games. To better understand this concept, think about the NBA finals. The final NBA match consists of seven games, which means it is the best of match seven. The same with a best of the backgammon seven match, the gambling player who wins four games first wins the match.

This game is played mostly by two players, but there are cases where you play with more. The goal of this game is to get your markers to your homeboard, avoiding the markers of your opponents. Obviously, this will be difficult because each one of you will try to do this before the other.

On the board, the game players will see twelve triangles in the field, making twenty-four in all. Each of them represents a point. Since the two gambling players are facing, what is the twenty-fourth point for a gambling player is the other point number one. At the beginning of the game, each game player will place two markers at their point number 24, three markers at their point number 8, and five markers at their point number thirteen and five markers again at their point number 6.

The movements of the markers are dependent on the rolls of the game player of the dice. Two dice are used in this game. Thus, if the game plar rolled four and six, then he moved one of the mus of his markers four points forward, and another marker six points forward. If one of your markers is stopped only, it can be hit by the opponent.

When you hit, go to the bar, and you must re-enter the board by rolling a die. Because of this, you will lose a spin, so, you must avoid getting hit or your opponent will finish first and start bearing points. If your gambling opponent wins while you still have no pint, then he has won a gammon, which is aquivalent to winning twice. If this happens when one or more of your markers is in the bar, then he has won a backgammon, which is equal to winning three times.

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